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Our new mission: Just P.L.A.Y. is a resource that locates activities and gives suggestions on
keeping your children occupied and inspiring creativity. Just P.L.A.Y. stands for Just Promoting
Lifetime Activities For Youth that prioritize safety, diversity, inclusion, and authenticity. Just
P.L.A.Y. encourages a sense of unity and purpose when bonds are created between parents,
children, and communities. With Just P.L.A.Y., we are building a global community where people
can create and share, discover the world around them. Our most profound purpose as an
organization is to help support our families and community's health, well-being, and healing.


Customer Service Hours 

Weekdays 4pm-8pm

Saturdays & Sundays 10am-8pm

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For more information about the event, feel free to contact us.

Phone number: 856-556-5166

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Based in

Wilmington, Delaware 

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