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Back at School

Woohoo!! The kids are officially back at school!!

Empty houses, no one constantly in the fridge, no more finding things to do with them to fill the summer.

I’m not sure about you, I love having my kids home, but I also love when they head back.

One thing I’m not looking forward to, though, is the juggle of schedules.

Between theirs and mine, it can make for a busy time.

Any other parents struggling with the new pick-up and drop-off times?

I mean, is it too late to strike against this idea of drop-off and pick-ups being at the same time?

It’s just not feasible for me, and I know I can’t be the only one.

But either way, small steps along the way.

First one? Cheering that they’re back to school, and that’s a small step!

Hats off to all mommies and daddies who are holding this down. This is the first week, and we have 5,000 more to come.

Hold on and keep your shoelaces tied tight. Ready, set & GO

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