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Vacation or NOT?

The kids are back to school, and that means it’s my time now, right?

At least that was my interpretation, haha.

I am just getting back from vacation, and the million-dollar question is

Should you feel guilty that you had a wonderful time on vacation without your children?

My husband and I talked about redoing our vacation and bringing our family. There were families, mom and children, dad and children, and entire families throughout the break. It had me thinking, should we have brought ours?

But the reality is, we needed this time to ourselves, and we should not feel bad about it.

As parents, we do a lot. Summers include trip planning, keeping the fridge stacked, driving here, driving there, and so much more. The school year comprises pickup, drop-off, homework help, parent-teacher conferences, and again so much more. It’s a never-ending job.

So why should you not take the time to care for yourself in the midst of that?

There is NOTHING wrong with wanting some me-time for yourself or your spouse.

I don’t feel guilty, and you can’t make me. Lol

We practiced social distance the entire vacation with masks, temp check, hand sanitizer, and multiple testing. As a result, we felt very safe and very refreshed.

Some pictures from our beautiful trip to Jamaica - Enjoy, and this is your reminder, schedule your trip now!